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      Testimonials "Dr. Kremer is highly capable veterinarian and communicator. Tony has proven himself on radio, television and print to be a great asset for both pet owners and the veterinary profession. I am proud to have Dr. Tony as part of the Veterinary News Network."

Dr. Jim Humphries
President and News Director of the Veterinary News Network
"Around of a-paws and two thumbs (paws) up to Dr. Kremer."

Byron Harlan
Anchor - FOX News - Weekend News Chicago
"Dr. Kremer proves himself again. Blending education with entertainment, Tony is always a welcome addition to our newscast."

Darah Languido
Producer - WLS - ABC Morning News Chicago
"Dr. Kremer is simply great to work with. He and his dogs are great on camera and in person. He is a real pleasure to have in studio."

Ben Bowman
Producer - WMAQ - NBC Morning News Chicago
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