Hit by a car cost this dog his leg, but not his life

By Dr. Aaron Buck from Animal Care Center

Midnight is a 3 year old, intact male pitbull that presented to Animal Care Center of Plainfield through our Help Save Pets organization for stay and relinquished animals. Although Midnight's history was not completely known, it was assumed that he had recently endured a serious injury to his right rear leg. During his initial physical exam, it was evident that there was a significant amount of soft tissue swelling around his right rear extremity. Midnight also had several superficial skin lesions (road rash) that warranted further investigation. At that time, it was suspected that Midnight had recently been hit by a car. Radiographs of his right rear leg were then collected and confirmed our suspicions as Midnight had suffered a severe fracture of his tibia.

Midnight received an IV catheter and was started on appropriate antibiotics and pain medications as he was prepped for surgery for the following morning. Due to the complex nature of the fracture, it was concluded that the best surgical option for Midnight would be amputation of his right rear leg. The great staff of Animal Care Center and the generosity of the Help Save Pets organization made this surgery possible to help save Midnight's life and to relieve his excruciating pain

Midnight's leg was amputated at the level of the proximal femur (thigh bone). This surgical technique results in a short, well-padded stump at the level of the thigh. The associated leg muscles were separated from each other and cut at their insertions to minimize bleeding. The femur was also cut close to the level of the hip. All of the associated vessels and nerves were ligated and appropriate analgesic techniques were used to minimize post-operative pain. This amputation technique provides an appropriate padding for the pelvis when the pet is lying down and offers a cosmetic appearance by maintaining symmetry of the rump. There were no complications associated with the procedure. Midnight was also neutered while under anesthesia.

I am happy to inform that Midnight did very well during the surgery and recovered very quickly. Midnight astonishingly adjusted very well to his new life with three legs and he is able to walk, run, and even play without pain or discomfort. He is currently being fostered by one of our fantastic ACC team members.