Jessie is a 10 week old female boxer-mix that presented as a third opinion for knuckling over at her carpus/wrist. Her owner described her walking normally after resting but very quickly becoming fatigued, bowing under(hyperflexion), and collapsing at her wrist. She is otherwise a healthy, happy puppy.

On presentation to the hospital, Jessie had normal vitals. She was non painful in all of her limbs when palpated and put through a range of motion. She was a little thin but otherwise had no abnormal physical exam findings. During her visit, her ambulation was examined closely and a video was taken. She would start walking almost normally but with time would become weak and would bow outwards (hyperflex and lateral deviation) at the wrist.

X-rays were acquired of her front legs (See x-ray). On the x-rays it was noted that her bones, joints, and growth plates all appeared normal.

Based on her physical exam findings and her normal x-rays it was suspected that Jessie suffered from Carpal Laxity Syndrome.

Carpal Laxity Syndrome is a condition usually noted in young puppies (6 weeks and up) and more prevalent in larger breed dogs. It is denoted by hyperflexion at the carpus (wrist) and lateral deviation of the carpus in relation to the foot. It is a non painful condition and etiology (or cause) is unknown. The good news for Jessie is that this condition usually resolves after 6-8 weeks and the puppy will be normal with no long term effects. Clinically it is important to differentiate this condition from angular limb deformities due to the prognosis being considerably different.

Jessie is getting around well and will come back in for a check up soon to confirm her condition is resolving.