Pyoderma in Bull Dogs


Like any other breed, bulldogs may be prone to a variety of skin fold problems on their face, tail and private parts. When severe, these problems can cause skin inflammation which typically leads to a skin infection called Pyoderma. While the condition is not generally hugely serious or life-threatening, pyoderma can be uncomfortable, itchy and cause localized pain in affected dogs.

Dyllan is an eight (8) year old male neutered Bulldog who was brought in to the clinic for a discussion regarding his tail. His tail had become hyperplastic (overgrown) and was leading to a tail fold pyoderma (deep skin infection). After discussing options of maintenance versus surgery, the owner opted for surgery. The procedure would not only minimize infection and the amount of regular daily upkeep for the owner, but also had the added benefit of aesthetic improvement.

Since the surgery, both Dyllan and owner are very happy with his back end!